# Minecraft Script Documentation

Update 0.2.3: All Changes

Minecraft Script is a programming language for developers of mcfunctions, Minecraft maps and packages. The .mcscript files are therefore compiled and generated to the function format. This enables the developer extended possibilities, such as Modals, Loops, Varibles, Constants and Command-Wrapping.

# 1) Installation

The Compiler gets offered as Node.js/ Package that is installed locally on your machine. It enables much more features than the online version
For example: compile all files in a directory, direct output in new files, watch your files on changes, etc.

# 1.1 Installation of Node.js

The installation requires the Node.js environment and the Node Package Manager.

This is achieved the best way by using the installer: nodejs.org/en/download/
Just run it and install.

# 1.2 Installation of Minecraft Script

Now open your PCs console. (search CMD).

There you have to type in this command:

npm install -g mcscript

If a successful answer apears you have done everything right and can start.

Last Updated: 9/22/2020, 12:07:52 PM