mcscript is a programming language for Minecraft.

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A programming language for datapacks!

Use a programming language built ontop of Minecrafts functions to add new expressions, generators and simplify development.

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Variables can store numbers, output these and perform operations. Minecraft Script now brings them to Minecraft Vanilla.

var var1
var var2 = 5

var1 = 10

var2 += 5

var1 += var2


Have you ever had something that repeats itself over and over again? This is called a loop and is now also available in Minecraft!

while('entity @s[tag=loop]'){


Conditions And If-Statements

Simply summarize If conditions and name multiple conditions. Everything is controlled by mcscript!

if("entity @s"){
  /say entity found

// else statement
if("entity @s"){
  /say entity found
} else {
  /say elsewhise command

Clever File Handling

Generate unlimited new files, merge files or use everything together in a loop. There are no limits in creativity except the space of your computer.

#file: file1
#this is file 1

#file: file2
#this is file 2 


The installation requires the Node.js environment and the Node Package Manager.

This is achieved the best way by using the installer: nodejs.org/en/download/

Install the mcscript-cli with:

npm install -g mcscript

If a successful answer apears you have done everything right and can start.

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